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** NEW 20th February 2023 ** As of 28th February 2023, this portal will not be accessible using Internet Explorer as your web browser, since this is no longer supported. Please use an alternative, supported browser. If you have any questions, please get in contact.
26th October 2021 - We have recently reviewed our portal usage, and note that not many users have downloaded our Clozapine Service Summary. This is available to download (even without registering) here. This document contains useful practical information for sampling and use of the portal, plus all the information we are required to inform you of regarding our methodology (which forms part of our accreditation). One question we receive frequently is regarding sample timing – with regards interpretation, any sample taken greater than 6 hours post-dose, and before the next dose, is considered a ‘trough’ sample.
26th July 2021 - IMPORTANT REMINDER We continue to receive incomplete or inaccurate request forms on a daily basis.
If a request form and sample cannot be matched using at least three identifiers (first name, second name, DOB and monitoring number) these samples will not be processed.
If the request form is incomplete or inaccurate with regards the sampling location, then either the upload of results will be delayed, or it will not be possible to process the sample. Where possible, we are having to contact the relevant patient monitoring services to attempt to identify the source of the samples. The request forms are simple to complete, and we have provided the option to download editable versions purposefully to allow sites to pre-fill request forms with sampling address details.
26th July 2021 - Please note, for users with access to large numbers of results, it can sometimes take a short while (30-60 secs or so) to load your complete results page.
5th January 2021 - For CPMS users - Please note that we have been informed of a delay in the provision of the BLUE envelopes used to send us samples, which you order via CPMS. New stock is expected in February, but we will update you as we receive any further information. In the meanwhile, when you order new stock, you will be provided with WHITE envelopes, which we are told will be printed with our address details. Please check when sending samples for PLASMA LEVELS, that the correct envelopes are used. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the laboratory for clarification.
8th December 2020 - Please note that we are still noticing delays in some samples reaching us via Royal Mail, including those that are now marked as 24 h tracked deliveries. We continue to report results within 72 h of receipt, and the date of sample receipt at the laboratory is provided on the results portal, such that it is clear for any samples that have been delayed in reaching us. Our clozapine/norclozapine assay is validated for the analysis of haemolysed blood samples, and so we will continue to process samples that reach the laboratory, even those which have been delayed. The results are still useful, especially if clozapine levels are very high or very low – if you have any questions regarding results for specific patients where samples have been delayed in reaching us, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory. We are continuing to investigate the cause of the delays with the Royal Mail and the clozapine providers, and will update the portal as we get any new information. Thank you.
23rd October 2020 - We will be rolling out some changes to our online results portal which will go live 26th October 20
  • As requested the received date and reported date will now be available. Many of you felt that turn-around times were an issue, please be reminded that our turn around time is 72 hours. Transitions times of sample to site have been taking longer than usual, this will be obvious with the addition of the received date and reported date feature.
  • Each user will be able to mark a report as "read" this is unique to your profile and will not affect other users whom can also view results for your patients. Results which you have not viewed will be displayed in bold font at the top of your list for ease of recognition.
  • When you view the patients history graph - you will now be able to see all results for your patient irrespective of their location. This will be useful where patient attend clinics/hospital across different locations within a trust, the case quiet often occurs where a patient has their samples taking at one location and reported to another. Where the sample has not been reported to your location the results will not display on your home dashboard, however when you open that patient history graph they will be visible and displayed in table format for ease of interpretation and the webpage is easily printed.
  • Please be reminded that you can search in the results bar for specific patient profiles and each of the columns in your results home screen dash board can sorted alphabetically, by sample date or by report date etc.
  • We have added our list of non-routine psychotropic drug analysis, please note we advise a similar sampling protocol to that for clozapine analysis and request forms can be downloaded from the “forms” toggle. If there is drug analysis you require not specified on this list please don't hesitate to contact us as our Toxicology department performs an extensive list of analyses.
We thank you for your feedback in our Clozapine drug monitoring service customer survey and hope you see improvements and benefit from our portal updates
4th August 2020 - Please note that we have been experiencing some delays in samples reaching us via the post. Please rest-assured that we are continuing to process samples and have results available on the portal within 72 hours of receipt in the laboratory. In most cases, a delay in the post does not affect the validity of the results. If there is a large delay and samples are compromised, we will contact you directly.
30th March 2020 - *IMPORTANT UPDATE* - We have now completed a risk assessment for the safe-handling of potential and known positive COVID-19 samples in our laboratory. We can now undertake clozapine plasma testing in such patients, which we know might be useful given the respiratory symptoms and the possible effect this may have for patients who smoke. Although we continue to treat all samples as potentially infectious, please ensure that when sending such samples the request form is clearly marked if the patient has tested positive for COVID-19. It is also imperative that samples are packaged appropriately using the kits provided, including the rigid tube and absorbent materials that are supplied, since these comply with UN3373 Category B requirements.
26th March 2020 - *IMPORTANT* - Please note that ASI is not a Containment Level III laboratory. As such, we cannot process any samples from suspected/known COVID-19 positive patients at present. We have sought advice on how to proceed in cases where a clozapine plasma level is absolutely required, and will update you as soon as we have any further information, but until such time please do not send samples from suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. Please contact the laboratory for any further information, or if you have any questions. Many thanks.
24th March 2020 - For all registered users – please note that we are launching an updated version of this portal, incorporating a number of small improvements based on your feedback. The new-look portal will be launched on Monday 6th April 2020. All the current functionality remains, plus the new-look portal should be simpler to navigate, and it should be simpler to find specific patient results by searching results by sample location. In addition, there are new request forms available for download for non-clozapine antipsychotic drug testing. A new ‘how-to’ video will be available to help if required. Our contact information remains unchanged should you have any questions regarding the new site, or should you face any problems when the new site is launched.
7th February 2020 - Reacting to customer feedback and confusion about alerting results by e mail, the use of ‘Pending’ in the results section has now been discontinued. This has been done to simplify the process for each user – and we hope you see the improvement. If you have any queries, please contact our Hotline: 020 8725 2845.
20th August 2019 - *UPDATE* We have now rectified the issue of 'pending' results (see the notice from 1st August 2019) which related to our database updates.  Now, if you see 'Pending' in the Results table, this means the sample has been safely received in the laboratory and logged on to our system, and is currently undergoing analysis.  The results will be updated and available to view once they have been authorised by our scientists.
16th August 2019 - *NEW* You can now download and save/print .PDF copies of clozapine assay reports directly from the Portal.  Simply click the 'Results Sheet' icon in your results table, and the .PDF will open in a new window/tab.
1st August 2019 – If you log-in to view results and they appear ‘Pending’, the most likely explanation is that we are in the process of updating the database with new data. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes with the require encryption, so please re-try logging in after this period. If you are still unable to see specific results, please do call us for any urgent cases using the hotline 020 8725 2405. We try to carry out the updates early in the morning where possible to avoid disruption, and we have a solution to further minimise the time taken to update the database which will be implemented shortly, after we have completed testing.
12th June 2019 – Please note, ASI do not supply sampling kits for plasma levels. These are available through your relevant clozapine monitoring services, pre-addressed with the laboratory address.
11th June 2019 – Please ensure that request forms are fully completed, and samples fully labelled. We are unable to analyse samples where the sample tube and request form cannot be matched with at least three identifiers.